Rock Garden Falls is so named by prolific waterfall explorer and guidebook author Russell Dunn in his Keene Valley Region Waterfall Guide for its resemblance to a Japanese Rock Garden. This waterfall is a simple, yet beautiful, and easily accessible roadside fall at the base of Giant Mountain in Keene, NY along Rte. 73.

This waterfall is truly a “blink-and-you-miss-it” location as it’s tucked back behind the trees about 20ft. In Spring and Summer, barely a glimpse is available through the foliage. However, once you enter via a small footpath, the area opens up nicely to reveal a sheer rock wall that has become home to this waterfall.

As the water flows over the edge, it also seeps into cracks and crevices, and spills out at random points down the wall, making it a very unique and picturesque waterfall.

If planing to photograph Rock Garden Falls, be sure to bring a wide-angle lens.


44.136943, -73.742345


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